Sunday, December 27, 2015

As a result of the revolution of new commuting transportation technology being designed in North America, as well as Europe and some having been used in Europe for many years now, I am constantly trying to keep pace with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act which to me needs to change sooner than later.  There is a plethora of what are being called the "Last Mile" transportation vehicles about to hit and I honestly believe they, like the bicycle will help reduce some of the traffic congestion we are being faced with in Toronto.  To the best of my knowledge all of these "Last Mile" or short distance vehicles are battery powered which again will aid in the mission to reduce the carbon footprint.

I am providing a link for those who are interested in reading an article I came across in The Globe and Mail, written by Jason Tchir and published on Tuesday, October 13, 2015.titled


I want to buy a hoverboard, can I legally use it in Toronto?"  

I think some of the information in this article about the Hoover Board being a motorized vehicle applies to all the new commuting vehicles, that are not E-Bikes.  Most of the new commuting transportation vehicles are not pedal assisted like the E-Bike (and in some cases are safer), but are classified motor vehicles and aren't allowed to be operated on sidewalks, bicycle lanes, paths or roads, according to our laws which have not changed fast enough to handle these new motorized vehicles.  Take a look at the Segway.  It was innovated in it's time and is still not legal to be operated on sidewalks, roads, bicycle lanes or paths.

By the way if you look at most posted signs where they indicate Motorized Vehicles are Not Allowed, it is a picture of a Motor Cycle, not and Electric Powered Device.  Maybe these signs need to say what they mean.

Ontario and the other provinces within Canada as well as the States within the United States who have not updated their laws to address these new short haul transportation vehicles, will constantly be challenged until they are updated.