Monday, December 21, 2015

Eco Motion Solutions Distributes A Unique 3 Wheel, Portable Electric Scooter in North America

Eco Motion Solutions is the North American Distributor for a very innovative company out of Karlsruhe, Germany - e-Bikeboard AG, who produces a Swiss engineered and German assembled three (3) wheel electric portable Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV) which can be used to address many different needs.

One of the most interesting models which has evolved from the original offering, based on requests from people with and without a mobile disability is the Freeliner.  As you can see from the picture below, this model does not look like your typical three (3) wheel electric wheelchair scooter which has been around for years.  

As people have indicated to me here in North America, the Freeliner is unique! It is portable, thus reducing my need to rely on a Wheel Trams public transportation system,  because one of the features of the Freeliner is its ability to fold up,  As shown below the Freeliner collapses it into a smaller form factor and now it can either be put on the seat or trunk of a taxi cab.

3 Steps to fold the e-Bikeboard (Freeliner) up and put it in the back of Smart Car
There are many more features the Freeliner offers people with and without a mobile disability.  The Freeliner:

  • Due to a part time tilt speed limiter to 6 km/h - 3.7 mph, the Freeliner is usable in pedestrian zones and shopping areas, subject to having a disability pass.
  • Firm standing three wheels
  • Speed up to 20 km/h - 12-4 mph
  • Lightweight, solid, fold-able aluminium frame
  • Weighs 26 kg - 57.32 lbs (without batteries) when folded up
  • Measures 74 x 63 x 80 cm (29.13 x 24.8 x 31.5 inches), when folded up
  • Safe, will not tip (under normal use)
  • Brakes are Hydraulic twin Disk brakes at rear, Mechanical Disk brakes at front
  • Lights are Photon head, head light, LED rear light and brake light
  • Horn / rear view mirror
  • Cruise Control, Reverse gear (with all 20 km/h. - 12.42 mph) models
  • Seat height - adjustable and demount-able
  • Multi-function display with cruise range indicator
  • Battery, lockable, quick-change system and a charger
  • Ergonomic handlebar with adjustable telescopic stem
  • Full Security System
  • Slip Resistant Foot Boards
  • Foot Pegs

From a turning perspective, the Freeline has a zero turn ratio, and can turn on a quarter.  The turning ratio is unbelievable!

Although the Freeliner is different than the typical Mobile Wheelchair Scooter, the Freeliner can go through your starndard door, fit into an elevator, and go into storess with no problems at all.

One of the nice extended features of the Freeliner is how it can be customized to address individual needs or requirements.  Below are some pictures of the Freeliner, with a Top Case on the back to enable one to go shopping and have a place to carry groceries, have a front basket on it, for auxiliary storage and many other features.  One pictures reflects how we can make rooms for crutches or canes.

The pictures below shows how a Wheelchair Seat can be installed on the Freeliner.

This picture below shows the new top available for the Freeliner if one would like to drive around in the rain, snow or protect one's self from the sun.

The nice part about the Freeliner as one can hopefully see from the pictures above is, it is different.  It can be:
  • Customized to meet the needs of an individual.  Your are not be forced into a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).
  • It is a different way to provide mobility. Its COOL!!!
  • If an individual desires faster speed, the Freeliner can go faster than the typical Mobile Wheelchair Scooter.
  • Based on it platform it can go on road, off road (such as parks or trails)

We will leave this article for now.  Keep your eyes open for the next article on the individuals who are using the Freeliner and enjoying their "FREEDOM" once again.